It's Back!
The Greater Manchester Chamber in collaboration with the City’s Economic Development Department is excited to be reviving Taco Tour Manchester! This event is a favorite of thousands throughout the Greater Manchester region and beyond and we are thrilled that our community will see this amazing event come back to life on May 5th, 2022.

Click here for our "Everything You Need To Know" Blog Post to get ready for the big day!

What is it?
Taco Tour Manchester is the one day of the year where downtown Manchester restaurants and venues all serve delicious tacos! Elm Street will be shut down for locals and visitors alike to have a terrific time sampling all the tacos that they can possibly eat during the four hour long festival. Taco Tour Manchester is most importantly a chance to visit our wonderful downtown and discover something new from our amazing restaurants! We will have 60+ participants serving $3 tacos for you to enjoy!

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How much does it cost to attend?

The event is free to attend! Thanks to the support of our event sponsors and grant funding, this event is open to all and we are excited to have you join us! Simply pay (with cash) for every taco that you enjoy!

I have a question!

We anticipate a lot of questions as we finalize some of the details of the event. 

For general inquires, please email

Restaurants with questions should email:

and can fill out the google form to participate

Those wishing to help make this event possible by sponsoring should email for the sponsorship guide and to discuss opportunities!